Nice-Corner V2

Comes with inserts!

Comes with everything you need to use it right away.

-Greatly increased speed with 12 blades.Has little cutting resistance or jumping, even with small jobs.

-You can externally chamfer bars or pipes, and keep costs low because insetrs can be used on the back too.

-With the optional guide plate, you can handle all kinds of additional work.

Nice-Corner V2

Main unit

Model no. V2
Power 100V(200W)
Number of revolutions 3,000/3,600r.p.m. 50/60Hz
Dimentions W300~D280~H300mm
Weight 26kg
Guide plate V2L-300
Inserts S32GQZ NK2020(12)

V2 Guide plate

Compatible inserts

Material being cut Recommended insert model no.
Regular steel S32GQZ NK2001
Alloy steel S32GQZ NK2001
Stainless steel S32GQZ NK6060
Aluminum, resin, brass S32GQZ NK2020
Cast iron S32GQZ NK2001

Guide plate

Model no. A B C D E Possible work thickness Maximum C face Ultra-hard chrome coating
V2L-300 300 1 75 65 12 3mm or more MAX2C

V2 Special cutter

Special cutter (comes with main unit)

Model no. CV-2

V2 Accessories


Model no.
K-6 Wrench(1)
F-15A(1) Fuse/15A
RBB-1 Set bar bolt(2)
GFB-2 Signboard fixed bolt(2)[installed on main unit]
NL-4 Spanner(1)
L-1 Lock pin(12)
CHF-1 Fixed cutter handle(1)
PC-1 Power cord/3m(1)

Insert details

Model no. Material Edge shape Coating Number of corners used Number per case
S32GQZ NK2001 Cermet Honing edge None 16 12
S32GQZ NK2020 Ultra-hard M20 type Honing edge None 16 12
S32GQZ NK6060 Ultra-hard M20 type Honing edge TiAlN 16 12

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